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Begin Your Pursuit For Intimacy Today!

I’m Wumi.

Your Partner In The Pursuit Of Intimacy With God!
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God Wants You To Know Him Intimately!

  • Do You Want To Know God For Real?
  • Are You Tired Of Going Through The Motions Of Boring Religious Routine?
  • Do You Thirst For A Relationship With God That Is Super Exciting, Engaging, And Empowering?
  • Do You Want To Experience The Reality Of His Amazing Love And Awesome Miracle-Working Power In Your Everyday Life?

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"I Will Teach You How To Keep Growing Deeper In Love With God Through My Practical And Biblically-Sound


In-Depth Topical, Or Book-By-Book Studies Of The Bible Taught In A Simple, Engaging, And Exciting Way. Bible Study That You'll Really Enjoy! 


Hands-On Classes That Teach Practical Application Of Biblical Principles. You'll Learn Step-By-Step How To Really Walk The Christian Walk!
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Videos And Audio


Study Outlines & PowerPoint Presentations


Trackable Assessments
Are You Ready To Grow In Your Knowledge And Understanding Of God’s Word?
Are You Ready For REAL Change In Your Life? 
Are You Ready For REAL Intimacy With God?
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Set Your PACE.
Track Your RACE!

  • Study At Your Own Pace, There Are No Deadlines!
  • Track Your Progress With Self-Grading Quizzes! 
  • Receive A Certificate Of Completion To Celebrate Another Milestone In Your Pursuit Of Intimacy With God!

Best Of All KnowingGod Courses Are 100% Free! 

Yep, You Heard Right!

There’s Absolutely No Cost To You Besides The Price Of A Heart That Deeply Longs To Know God More Than Ever Before!

Make Intimacy With God Your
Lifelong Pursuit!

"[For My Determined Purpose Is] That I May Know Him [That I May Progressively Become More Deeply And Intimately Acquainted With Him, Perceiving And Recognizing And Understanding The Wonders Of His Person More Strongly And More Clearly], And That I May In That Same Way Come To Know The Power Outflowing From His Resurrection."
Philippians 3:10a [AMPC]


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